5 Reasons to Love Plank

5 Reasons to Love Plank

Core strength is so important to general fitness. It’s not all about six-pack abs; a strong core is the foundation for nearly every physical activity. It gives you better posture, relieves back pain, improves balance, and can even help you breathe better. There are a lot of exercises that target your core stabilizer muscles to strengthen your core, and plank is an excellent option. If you’re looking for a rock-hard middle, check out these 5 reasons to love plank:

  1. It’s Effective –There’s no question about it: if you’re looking to strengthen your core and define your abs, plank is your best friend. It engages multiple core stabilizer muscles rather than focusing on just one set of muscles working in a single plane of motion (like crunches do). By working several muscle groups at once, planks help you get the most work out of your workout, making it a very effective exercise.
  2. It’s Low Impact – If hammering out intense reps isn’t really your thing, then smile because planks are for you! Just prop yourself up and hang in there, focusing on drawing your abs in and maintaining proper form.
  3. Variety, Variety, Variety – Did you know there are multiple variations of plank that target different muscles groups in your abdominals? You can mix it up and keep things interesting with just a few different poses, and sculpt a well-rounded middle. Try out these moves via POPSUGAR to target each area of your abdominals.
  4. No Equipment Needed – Who doesn’t love an exercise you can do anywhere? Your progress doesn’t have to suffer just because you can’t make it to the gym. Planks work your abs without any hassle – just drop, hold, and feel the amazing burn!
  5. Easy to Measure Progress – We tend to measure progress by weight, measurements, and the way we look, feel, even how our clothes fit. Those are all excellent KPIs and planks will definitely make an impact on them over the long term. But if you want measurable progress even faster, start timing how long you can hold a plank. When you first start doing planks, you may only be able to hold proper form for 10 seconds. And that’s ok! Just keep at it and you’ll be doing a 5-minute plank before you know it!

Hopefully you love planks a little more now! Remember to stop, drop, and hold for as long as you can today and see if you can beat your record tomorrow!

Happy Planking!

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