Monthly Archive: March 2015

Our Bodies = Freaking Awesome

On my quest to become a certified personal trainer, I’m constantly amazed by some of the things I learn about how the human body functions. So many reactions occur in order to produce even the simplest movement and sustain our health and vitality. Our bodies do these things without our awareness or effort, and it’s simply awe-inspiring to learn about these amazing vessels that we command without even a thought. It’s impossible not to come away with an immeasurable sense of gratitude and appreciation for what our bodies are capable of, and a renewed desire to take care of them as best as possible. (more…)

20-minute Cardio Set List

If you’re looking for a quick, effective, and FUN workout, try this 20-minute cardio interval. As the set list progresses, the intensity of the work changes, keeping you engaged throughout your workout and maximizing your burn. Hop on your favorite piece of cadio equipment (I created this with a treadmill, but you can use a bike, cross trainer, whatever you like), and work your way through the playlist. If any segment is too easy or too hard, adjust either the speed OR the incline to make it work for you.