Monthly Archive: January 2015

The Post-Holiday Anti-Guilt Trip: Putting Health & Fitness Back into Your Routine

First day back to the grind after a two-week vacation for the holidays. Two amazing weeks full of holiday parties, festive dinners, fancy cocktails, sleeping in, and the obligatory Netflix binge (#FriendsOnNetflix, anyone?).

During the holiday break, I had one goal in mind: RELAX! Occasionally, amid the hazy blur of movies and naps and indulgent deliciousness, a voice in the back of my mind would creep up and tell me to “get up!” and “do something productive!” But I kept the goal in mind. Sometimes, a break from the constant routine and the standards of normal daily life is exactly what you need to recharge your batteries, satisfy your guilty pleasures, and refresh yourself to begin anew with a reaffirmed sense of motivation and purpose. So if you overdid it over the holidays, accomplished nothing, ate and drank way too much, and barely moved enough to register 1 progress dot on the brand new fitbit you got for Christmas, then good for you! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it  and that it was everything you ever dreamed it would be. Don’t waste one minute feeling guilty for those two weeks. However you indulged was just what you needed. Think of it as two weeks of feeding your soul and rejuvenating your spirit. And now, your rejuvenated spirit is in tip-top shape, ready to look ahead and get back into it.